Since 2015, Books & Smith has worked with many of the best-known Latin American and Caribbean writers and writers, especially the Dominican Republic, to publish, translate, evaluate, or edit numerous works.  

Laureate poets, award-winning storytellers, fledgling writers,  writers of children's literature ... all have come to us with the same dreams and concerns.  We are proud to have been able to create a safe, reliable, professional space and platform, where everyone, those known and to know, can feel confident that their book will have the same opportunities.  that a professional edition and design give to any other book from a large traditional publisher.  

We started in New York and now we are expanding latitudes by moving to Texas; and we have printing contacts in both Mexico and the Dominican Republic.


We trust that the changes we have been making will be of benefit and convenience to all.

Edgar smith

To contact us, please write to us at the following emails:

Edgar Smith,  Dominican writer, editor and translator. He has published fourteen books, including The Word (2013), Island Boy (2014), The Immortality of the Crab (2015), Versenal (2016), The Wordsmith (2017), Gnuj & Alt (2017), Pure Story (2018) and arrimao (2018). His work has been featured in magazines and anthologies, and has opened doors to literary events at universities, libraries, bookstores, and book fairs, such as Lehman College and Naugatuck Valley Community College. Edgar is the creator of  VERSOS ESTIVALES and founder of BOOkS & SMITH Indie.